Innovate your CX strategy to meet the ever-evolving needs of the customer

With the financial services sector undergoing major transformation over the past few years, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of today's customers. Yet failing to meet these needs can result in disengaged customers and ultimately a loss of market share.

That's why we're back for a 6th year of Customer Experience Transformation: Financial Services! We're assembling CX leaders from across the financial services sector to share concrete hints and tips on keeping up with customer demands. We will be tackling your biggest challenges and providing you with inspiring ideas on how to make your CX strategy a success. 

2016 Speakers Include:

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Why is this your N◦1 meeting of the year?


This is not your typical event! If you don’t want to sit through all the presentations you are welcome to stay back in our ‘networking lounge’ and build your onsite experience around discussions with over 130+ potential senior marketing and customer experience influencers from the financial sector and beyond.


We are not going to bore you with the presentations but really get you to brainstorm and think outside the box. We want you to look at this meeting as an idea generator for you to review you 2015 results and set goals for 2016. We have specifically selected some of the most charismatic speakers from the industry to guide you on your “BIG IDEA” journey.


Your CXFS experience starts months before the event itself as we keep you updated with the most exciting industry trends by revealing some killer content pieces form primary sources and share serious insider interviews.


Because we care! We will provide you with so much more than just another event for customer experience management. You will have a chance to feed your challenges and questions that keep you awake at night and get them answered, so you can really obtain the ultimate learning experience that you seek.


Have fun! To celebrate our 5th Birthday we are treating you to a surprise golfing and drinks night where all are welcome to try win the ultimate team building exercise or simply have a glass or two with the most influential people in the industry

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